How to Install WordPress with Xampp

image with word how to install wordpress

Where do you find WordPress?

WordPress provides the opportunity for anyone to create and share information. You can go to this link and download WordPress locally. All you have to do is click the download button when you get to the site. front page

Where does it go

The first thing you need to do is make a folder in your “htdocs” (under Xampp) with the name of a folder called CMS or something pertinent to you.

This is where you will unzip that WordPress file. Once that is done you now need to make a database and user.

The Database

You need a user (you) to access that stuff. It is pretty easy so let’s start.

Start Apache and MySQL in Xampp.


After you have done this, click on Admin next to MySQL. This will open up your phpmyadmin. Now you will want to click “databases.”

This will bring you to create a database and also show you the databases that exist. At this point, you want to create a database. I have named it wordpress for this but name it what you want. You will need this information in a minute.

You now need to create a user for this database. Click “User Accounts” and add a user. Make a user and password for the database you created.

This is the image you should get after clicking “add user.” Make sure you grant all privileges and create the user.

Back to WordPress

Ok, at this point you have unzipped the file and created a database and user. Almost there! With your localhost still running go to the internet and type in the following:

localhost/name of the folder you made in htdocs/wordpress

Here is an example: localhost/CMS/wordpress

The Install

Now you will get a screen that needs what language you prefer and the next reminds you that you need your database name and username.

Once you hit let’s go you need your database name and user. You will then get a page that looks like the below example or similar. Enter your information and smash that submit button.


You have now installed WordPress. Not so hard and it was fast, huh?! 

Now what?

When you are on your site’s dashboard you will see something like this (or similar).

The navigation list to the left shows you all the areas you can access on your site like themes, pages, posts, and more.

Change your theme by using templates or create your own. Just click themes and you will get quite a few options. You can also apply your own. Make sure you apply the theme.

How fun! OK, at this point, you can add pages and posts. Just click on the pages tab and add a page. Once you see your page it looks a little like a word document. Just start typing and you’re off!

Once you are done publish that amazing page. The posts look exactly the same. Such an easy experience, right?

There are other areas like plugins that can make things easier for you. Under the plugins search for the ones you want and install. It’s really that easy.

Closing Thoughts

This is just a simple guide on how to install WordPress with Xampp. This is a really easy install and CMS to work with. Have fun and happy creating.

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