How to Install Drupal with Xampp


I wish I could have found something that showed me how to install Drupal with Xampp. Now there will be and I hope it helps.

Where do you find Drupal?

Drupal is a free, open-source content management system (CMS) used to build websites and applications. You can download Drupal here by clicking the “Try Drupal” button.

try drupal

But where does it go?

The first thing you need to do is make a folder in your “htdocs” with the name of a folder called CMS or something pertinent to you.

where to

This is where you will unzip that Drupal file (it might take a few minutes). Once that is done you now need to make a database and user.

A database, really?

Yes, I know but those files have to go somewhere. You also need a user (you) to access that stuff. It is pretty easy to do so let’s start.

Start Apache and MySQL in Xampp. After you have done this, click on Admin next to MySQL.


This will open up your phpmyadmin. Now you will want to click “databases.”


This will bring you to create a database and also show you the databases that exist. At this point, you want to create a database. I have named it Drupal for this but name it what you want.

You now need to create a user for this database. Click “User Accounts” and add a user. Make a user and password for the database you created. You will need this information in a minute so write it down.

new user

This is the image you should get after clicking “add user.” Make sure you grant all privileges and create the user.

new user 2

Back to Drupal

Ok, at this point you have unzipped the file and created a database and user. Almost there! With your localhost still running go to the internet and type in the following:

localhost/name of the folder you made in htdocs/drupal-8.6.1

Here is an example: localhost/Drupal/drupal-8.6.1

The Install

Now you will get a screen that needs your information. Fill that out and as mentioned earlier this is where you need your database name and user. You will then get a page that looks like this or similar.



You have now installed Drupal, YAY! Now you can start making that amazing site.

How do I navigate Drupal?

When you are on your site you will see something like this:

Notice the tabs at the top with content, appearance, configuration, etc. when you click on the content tab, you will move to where you can add pages or edit content.

add pagesYou will see “article” and “basic page.” Each has a description of what it can do. To add a new page use basic page. In this example, I have added a contact page. Make sure you include a menu link title for the navigation.

add menu link

Include information for the page in the body portion. Save your page and check out your site.


How fun! At this point, you can add articles (blogs). Just go back to the content tab and click articles. Add a name and content to this and save it. Voila, you have an article!

drup stuff

You can edit a page or article by clicking edit and save.

There are other areas like structure that helps decide how your site can look. Just click “structure” and you will see many options with descriptions to help you along. To edit the order of your navigation menu just click menus.

Now you can move the link up or down with the crosshairs.

edit nav

Closing Thoughts

This is just a simple guide on how to install Drupal with Xampp and create some pages. This might seem like a harder CMS to learn but try to have fun and make something cool!


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