GottaGo Mobile app

GottaGo App

Many people have found themselves wondering where the closest restroom is. Parents get into this predicament maybe a little more than others because let’s face it, children do have unpredictable moments. Well, now you don’t have to wonder! GottaGo lets you find the closest restroom to your location, no matter where you are.

How to Use the App

Download the App

So the first you need is to download the app on your phone, tablet or your smartwatch. Then create an account. Use a valid email, pick a username you can remember along with a password. You can also use your Facebook information for a faster experience. (Sometimes we just have to go!)

Using the Features

Now the first thing you are going to see is the map with a cute little dot showing where you are. Pretty nice to know that! You will also see other places on the map that have public restrooms whether they are parks, businesses, or an actual public restroom.

Now here is some neat stuff…You can tap on the place to get some information about the address and hours of operation. There is also information about people’s reviews and a place for you to add your own review. No one wants a dirty restroom and now you can know for sure.

The Menu

The menu is short and easy to use. Clicking on “PLACES” allows you to view and add all menuthe places you have been. Adding them will allow for quick reference when near that place again.

Help is just one of those places to update the map or delete your history and start over.

Viewing the settings allows you to see the terms and your personal content. “Personal Content” will allow you to add your contacts and turn on / off notifications.

Log Out

Logging out of the app will allow other users to have their own account. If this is your personal device it is your choice on what you do here.

Watch users

Different services offer different advantages. You might have to connect through your phone or you may have a fancy watch that doesn’t need that. Regardless of the watch, you will have to create the account on a phone or tablet. The map is the same and you can get the information on the place too. You may share the place or add it to your favorites. If you would like to review a specific place you will, unfortunately, have to do so on your mobile device or tablet.

Closing Thoughts

There are apps for everything these days and we are just adding one more cool app. We hope the app is easy to use and helps you in your time of need. Happy hunting!


Links to Prototypes


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