Keeping up with the Trends


How to Keep Up

There are so many emerging trends and new media technologies that you may want to see but keeping track of them can be overwhelming. How do you keep up with the constant overflow of information thrown at you these days? In today’s blog, we will cover some suggestions.

Pick and choose what’s important

You don’t have to read everything that arrives in your inbox. This will be difficult at times because it is all just so interesting, it really is…not. This is where you must learn to pick and choose your information intake. Even though you may have set filters and thought a site was fantastic, not all the incoming information will be the most important. Choose a time and day to learn and stay up to date on the important information in your field.

Use Google Alerts

Use Google Alerts to set up email updates about the trends that you find the most relevant to you. The results will show up in your inbox if you state the topic of interest. You can filter your results by region, occurrence, and relevance. The Google News feature can also be used to stay on top of trends as they emerge.

Online and print magazines

Online and print media

Maybe you are in bed or just trying to take a vacation from the office but would like to continue to stay on top of the trends. The best way to do so is to use the good old fashioned magazine. I know, it’s not cool to read from an actual print source but it is just as accurate. If you choose not to go this route you can always use online magazines.  Adobe Create and Wired are two great online sources for the digital media field.


Social Media

Social Media text

Social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are user-friendly and can keep you up to date on emerging trends. You can follow industry leaders and receive updates along with thoughts and opinions.

If you use twitter, you can use Trending Topics that help you stay up to date by using specific hashtags. They run in the background ensuring you receive news in real time.



Closing Thoughts

Succeeding is about trying new tools. What works here might not work for you. As technology changes and grows so must you. Update your knowledge and your strategies to continue to stay on top of the emerging trends.


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