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Blogs come and go all the time, yet some continue to exist online after being abandoned by the user. Determining the number of blogs on the internet is a difficult task. With over 7.4 billion people populating the Earth, a recent estimate shows 450-500 million blogs are online today. Worldometers gives an estimated total number of blog posts published daily on the web. The current number is over three million and climbing.

The time of day a blog post is published has an impact on how well it will do on social media and if readers will actually read it. Some readers return more than one time per day which makes it hard to say how many people read blogs. Posting at the same time on the same day each week has served many blogs well. Studies have shown for the most traffic, publish your post on Monday’s at 11 am (CoSchedule). However, you must find your own schedule that works best for you.


Benefits of Blogging for Companies

Many companies often overlook the benefits of blogging. It is one of the best ways to increase website traffic, improve Google rankings, and have customers spend more time looking at your products and services.

Here are some suggestions for companies to spend some time blogging:

Improves Goggle Rankings

Blogging can help customers find your website easier. A website is more likely to be displayed in the first few pages of a Google search when it is “new” or goes live and will likely be boosted to the top in rankings. As the website becomes static and content is not added the ranking falls.

Having a blog where you create new content allows your site to remain new and keeps your rankings from falling. Every so often you will want to change the images, rewrite the text, and add new products (if possible).

Linking Opportunities

Linking other web properties to your website proves you are providing helpful, relevant information. Blogs serve the function of providing internal links to pages that are deep within your site. Blogs can reference your product, service, and company pages and help create the internal linking structure.

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As mentioned in State of the Blogging World 2016 linking opportunities lead people to the places you want them to go as well as increase your Google ranking, engage more people, and create more leads.

Build Authority in your Industry

Blogging is a great way to establish yourself as an expert in your field and gives you a platform for sharing important industry information and insights. As you build authority, this builds trust and familiarity for when customers are ready to buy.

Increase Leads

The more pages a website has the more leads it gets. So, the more you blog, the more leads you generate. More, more, more… more content means more form submissions, more quote requests, and ultimately more sales.

Showcase Company Growth

Many companies dedicate sections to press releases and articles about the company. A blog can help you talk in depth about events that take place in and around the company and the reasons behind the events. This can also give the opportunity for linking and new products you have added.

Closing Thoughts

With some of your own research, you should be able to create a blog that generates value, interest, and growth to your company and readers.

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